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A CCTV camera dome is a special type of surveillance security camera that is usually used in areas with large gathering of people, such as, departmental stores, airports, bus terminals, railway stations, stadiums and business premises. Dome cameras are available in the market in different models and designs with varying prices. In addition, there are dome security cameras designed for outdoor and indoor use. Dome surveillance security camera systems are usually identifiable by their dark grey or black colors. They function in recording the actions of consumers in a store or intruders in a premise.

To install a CCTV camera dome, there are two ways to go about it, i.e. flush mounting to a ceiling or pendulum method. The latter entails the camera being suspended to a rod which is fixed to a ceiling. The pendulum method is used in buildings with cathedral high ceilings so that the surveillance security camera is brought near the subject matter being looked at. Pendulum method tends to offer better view compared to ceiling flush mounting.

CCTV camera dome usually records in either in black and white or color. Security surveillance cameras with color recordings normally offer quality recognition of subject matter in digital video recording. This usually comes in handy when attempting to identify a person in a criminal activity.

A CCTV camera dome is available in the market as wireless or wired security cameras. Moreover, a security display unit may comprise of a wireless receiver. The dome camera is able to send signals via the receiver s frequency to provide live video to the display unit. There numerous display unit dimensions that can accommodate different camera feeds simultaneously. A wireless surveillance security system sends its feeds to the display unit without cables; however, the whole system is not entirely wireless. Cables are used to connect the cameras to the closest mains power supply.

A comprehensive security system comprises of both indoor and outdoor cameras. Outdoor cameras come in handy in preventing and solving crimes that takes place outside the building, e.g. carjacking, mugging and kidnapping amongst others. Outdoor CCTV camera dome usually include vandal and weather proof enclosure. This protects the camera from weather elements and damages thus ensuring durability.

There are several choices available on CCTV camera domes which can enabler clear pictures. White balance feature is used to regulate the lighting automatically so that recorded images are more identifiable from a dark or light background. In addition, a CCTV camera dome includes an auto gain feature. This enables the user to increase the camera focus so that subjects are easier to see in dim lights.

A CCTV camera dome usually has more benefits compared to other types of cameras. As a result of the dark-colored lens, an individual cannot know if the camera is actually recording or not. In this manner, CCTV camera dome play a crime deterrent role even if the camera is not recording at that particular moment. Dome surveillance security cameras are normally used casinos, banks, museums, resorts and lobbies

How to choose a dome camera?
There are a number of features and functions that one needs to take into account when selecting a high resolution dome security camera. To give you a head start, the article discusses into detail some of the features you need to look at when shopping for a dome security camera.

Camera resolution
A TVL or TV line of resolution is the first factor to consider when contrasting one dome security from another. In a layman s term, TVL refers to a camera s measurement or the display unit s horizontal resolution power. The higher the TV lines of resolution, the superior the monitor resolution. Black and white cameras usually have a high resolution of 768 by 492 while colored cameras have high resolution of 460 TV lines of resolution.

Dome camera image sensor
Dome cameras basically use two kinds of technology for recording digital images, i.e. CCD charge coupled device and CMOS complementary metal oxide conductor. Both have their pros and cons and telling which is better than the other is complex.

Dome camera s optical zoom vs. digital zoom
A dome camera optical and digital zoom are vital components of the camera. A CCTV camera dome with a powerful optical and digital zoom, have crisp and clear images. In addition, the features provide detail identification of subject matters zoomed on.

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